About Luxe & Dirt

What makes our sea sponge different: 
  • Our sponge is ethically sourced, with our divers hand cutting each sponge, allowing it to regenerate.
  • Our sponge farmer’s family started harvesting sponges in the late 1800’s and whose techniques for choosing natural sponges have been passed down for generations.
  • We pride ourselves on quality; after all, you can’t have a luxury sponge without it! We only use premium wool sponges for the body this quality is higher than the yellow sponge that a lot of companies sell today.  

About the founder:

  • When Liz was 17 years old she had a heart attack! This is when she started to become aware of what she was putting in and on her body and became obsessed with healthy skincare and tried her best to eat healthily.After college, she became an esthetician and Spa Director with the passion of spreading the word on bath product delivery systems. 
  • When Liz became a mom, she wanted to stay home and continue on her mission to provide a luxury service to her clients and friends.