Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sea Sponges

Why does my sea sponge smell like the ocean?

All of our sea sponges are sustainably harvested from the sea. Because our face, baby, and body sea sponge are minimally processed from the sea, they will have a light saltwater scent. Don't worry the scent will not carry to your body. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and envision the waves of the ocean as you use the sea sponge! The smell only lasts during the first few uses.

Why are there little shells in my sea sponge? 

Our sea sponges are hand harvested and hand processed, sometimes small shells and sand are left behind, just like a trip to the beach! A good rinse will remove the shells and sand from the sea sponge. 

Are your sea sponges eco-friendly and sustainable?

100% yes, they are from the earth and go back to the earth!
Fun fact: when sea sponges are harvested correctly, they actually increase in population as small sponge bits re-grow, similar to seeds.
You can rest assured that each of our sea sponges are sustainably sourced and harvested ethically by hand.

Why is my sea sponge brown? 

In the ocean, most sea sponges are dark brown, almost black. When a sea sponge is processed with peroxide it will change to a yellow color. Since our face, baby, and body sea sponges are minimally processed they are a light brown color - similar to the wonderful natural color of dirt. We pride ourselves in providing a sea sponge for you body and your baby that is as natural and safe as they come!

Why is my sea sponge a different shape than my last sponge? 

Our sea sponges are hand harvested and just like you, each sea sponge is one of a kind, unique and beautiful! 
When can I expect my Luxe & Dirt products to be shipped?

We ship orders Monday thru Friday at 4pm PST using USPS.