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  • Body Sea Sponges: Natural Vs. Synthetic

      When it comes to natural skincare, Luxe & Dirt natural sea sponges are the best way to go! Synthetic sponges just can’t stand up to the biological benefits a natural sea sponge has developed over time. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from going all natural! Durability A natural se...
  • 4 Important Benefits Of Using A Natural Sea Sponge

    Natural skincare has become such a hassle. Hundreds of products line the shelves, each with its own gimmick to guarantee healthier skin. Stop feeling overwhelmed with all the options and grab a natural sea sponge. Check out these four benefits to making the switch today! Better For Your Body Se...
  • 4 Common Toxic Ingredients In Products You Use Everyday

    Did you know that the products you use every day are full of harmful chemicals? These ingredients can have a negative impact on your health and even cause long term damage. In this post, we're going to take a look at 4 common toxic ingredients found in plastic loofahs and the products you use wit...

All The Dirt

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