4 Important Benefits Of Using A Natural Sea Sponge

Natural skincare has become such a hassle. Hundreds of products line the shelves, each with its own gimmick to guarantee healthier skin. Stop feeling overwhelmed with all the options and grab a natural sea sponge. Check out these four benefits to making the switch today!

Better For Your Body

Sea sponges have a gentle texture that is great for all skin types. Unlike normal loofahs, the natural exfoliating properties of the sea sponge help remove dead skin cells, excess oils, and dirt. Their time in the ocean leaves sea sponges full of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and other minerals that are great for natural skincare.

Better For The Earth

Traditional loofahs are made from plastics and other synthetic materials that make them colorful and soft. These loofahs pile up in landfills where they are unable to break down due to the synthetic materials. Luxe & Dirt sponges are ethically sourced by our divers who cut the sponge in a way that allows it to regenerate. And because they are a plant-like organism, they are biodegradable, putting nutrients back into the earth at the end of their life rather than polluting it.

Better Quality

Sea sponges are built to withstand the unforgiving nature of the ocean, imagine how well they will do in the calm environment of your shower! Regular loofahs begin to lose their tight ball form after a couple of weeks of regular washing, but sea sponges maintain their integrity throughout their lifespan.  

Better For Your Bank Account

Natural skincare with a sea sponge can save you money! Its porousness allows for air pockets that help turn your body scrub into a silky lather, so it only takes a small amount to get the same results as a bigger portion. The sponge's durability and exfoliating properties mean less money spent on traditional loofahs and skincare products. 

Take a step to living a more sustainable lifestyle with the natural skincare only a sea sponge can deliver. Shop our collection today!