Body Sea Sponges: Natural Vs. Synthetic


When it comes to natural skincare, Luxe & Dirt natural sea sponges are the best way to go! Synthetic sponges just can’t stand up to the biological benefits a natural sea sponge has developed over time. Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from going all natural!


A natural sea sponge is biologically designed to withstand a turbulent ocean environment. This has made them resistant to abrasion and gives them a long life in the calm space of a bathroom. Synthetic sponges attempt to replicate the natural durability of a sea sponge, but time and again human engineering has fallen short compared to that of the natural world. This is why synthetic sponges tend to shrink and peel after just a couple weeks of regular use.



Soaking up water is what a natural sea sponge was born to do. When it comes to bath time, their ability to retain water means a little bit of soap will go a long way. A synthetic sponge doesn’t quite have this natural absorbency, resulting in using more product, and wasting it, as it drips out of the sponge and down the drain.



The ocean is full of different kinds of bacteria that the natural sea sponge has ways to combat. Its natural enzymes also help inhibit the growth of mold and mildew that is common in a shower environment. A synthetic sponge doesn’t have any of these natural defenses, leaving your skin susceptible to the germs it collects.


Environmental Impact

Synthetic sponges are made with plastics that make them impossible to dispose of without having some impact on the environment. Luxe & Dirt offers a recycling program for these synthetic sponges, but it’s still more impactful than the biodegradable nature of a natural sea sponge. They are your best option for keeping the environment safe from pollutants.

If you are looking for all-natural skincare without impacting the environment, then shop our collection of natural sea sponges!